Why Adopt an Older Dog

Puppies are adorable, but come with some challenges. If you are considering dog ownership, or adding to your brood, here are some reasons to consider adopting a dog.

  1. They are (usually) trained. Older dogs typically have already been house trained and know to go outside. Adopting an older dog can help you avoid smelly messes.
  2. Avoid the teething phase with an older dog. Keep your shoes, slippers, furniture and sometimes even walls intact by adopting an older dog who won’t want to chew everything in sight like a puppy.
  3. Dogs are usually up to date on their vaccinations and other medical needs, like de-worming and may already be spayed or neutered. That means a lot less expense for the owner, but ensure you have their records in case they are not up to date and if they are, you will know when they will next need their vaccinations. It is a good idea to get the dog’s most recent veterinary records, if possible.
  4. An older dog can be calmer. Some people love the energy of a puppy, but if you prefer a little more zen in your life, a dog is a good choice. Or if you prefer a dog with lots of personality and energy, you can look for a grown dog with more pep. The advantage of choosing a dog over a puppy is you can already see their personality and whether they tend to be a chilled out character or a high-energy dog, whereas you can’t be sure how your puppy will change as they age.
  5. They don’t take as much of your time. During the first two to three years, growing puppies require a lot of time, attention and exercise. If you need a less-high energy pet with lower time demands, a dog is a great choice.
  6. Are the weight and size of your dog important to you? For some people very large, strong and heavy dogs can be difficult to manage. Adopting a fully-grown dog takes out the unknown when it comes to the size of your pet.
  7. Grown dogs are less likely to get adopted out. Most people gravitate to the cuteness of puppies, leaving many older dogs with longer stays in shelters and rescues. Dogs need homes and are usually very grateful for a new owner. They are often left by aging owners or had to be given up due to allergies or changing circumstances. Expect some serious love from an older dog.
  8. Obviously, there are serious considerations when it comes to adopting a dog. It is important to do your research and spend some time with the dog before bringing it home. Get to know their temperament, any medical issues and their aversions. Do they get along well with children? How do they react to other dogs and cats? And of course, you won’t have as much time with your dog, so remember to cherish every moment and remember that you are doing a great thing for a dog who is going to love you for it.

If you have an older pet and have questions or concerns, we would be happy to hear from you. Call us at 403-615-8016 to book an appointment with our vets. We provide nutritional guidance and senior pet wellness plans because, just like you, we want our aging pets to have the best life possible.