Weight Management

Maintaining a healthy weight is of utmost importance to all cherished pets’ wellbeing. Like us, pets can gain too much weight and may need help to get back to their ideal weight range. Our veterinarians (who have holistic and conventional expertise) can help manage your pet’s weight in a safe and effective way tailored specifically to your unique situation. Call us at 403-615-8016 to learn more. 

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How long will it take my pet to reach their goal weight?

It depends on several factors such as: 

  • Their starting weight 
  • Any additional health conditions they have (e.g. arthritis) 
  • Their age, breed, and lifestyle

How do I know if my pet is overweight?

The best way to know for sure is through a consultation with the vet. Some pets are naturally thin with their ribs clearly visible, whereas others are naturally heavier. Be that as it may, below are some symptoms you can keep an eye on: 

  • Lack of definition between their stomach and waist 
  • Their lowermost row of ribs can no longer be felt (covered with a thick layer of fat) 
  • They are easily fatigued after mild activities like walking

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