Veterinary Exams

Regular veterinary checkups are vital to maintaining your pet’s good health and high quality of life. Preventative care can add so much to the quality of life for your pet. Unlike humans, our pets can’t tell us how they are feeling, so visits and exams are even more important. Regular checkups can detect health issues early on and can result in more effective treatment. 

Our experienced vets are both holistic and conventional. They can customize your pet’s appointments and treatments based on your preferences. For example, our clinic offers separate exam and recovery rooms for cats and dogs to reduce anxiety and provide a space customized for our feline and canine clients. To learn more about our veterinary exams, call us at 403-615-8016.

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How many veterinary exams do pets need?

We recommend adult pets come in for a complete veterinary exam at least once per year. Senior pets need a full checkup at least once every 6 months. If your pet is undergoing treatment or has been diagnosed with an illness, they may need more frequent exams to monitor their progress. 

How can I prepare my pet for their veterinary exam?

Starting from puppy or kitten age, it is best to associate veterinary exams (or any type of visit to the vet) as positive experiences. Reward your pet with a treat before and after the exam. Give them plenty of hugs before they enter our doors. We recommend bringing your pet in with their leash and/or crate. Make sure they are well acclimated to the car ride/walk/bus ride to the vet if they are not already used to it. 

How much do veterinary exams cost?

Please do not hesitate to call us for our updated service fees. 

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