Ultrasound and X-ray for Pets

Pets can certainly be expressive. (Parrots, anyone?) That being said, they cannot communicate exactly how they are feeling, and furthermore, visual examinations by the most expert doctors can only go so far. This is why ultrasounds and X-rays play such vital roles in veterinary medicine. They help us monitor your pet’s development and diagnose any conditions they may have that are not visible to the naked eye. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please call us at 403-615-8016.

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Are ultrasounds and X-rays safe for pets?

Yes. Here at Montgomery Village, we use digital ultrasounds and X-rays, which emit even less radiation than traditional devices. These tools are 100% non-invasive and pain-free. 

Can pets drink water before an ultrasound or X-ray?

Yes. Water consumption does not affect scans. If your pet has a scheduled ultrasound, we recommend that they refrain from eating solid foods about 12 hours before the appointment. 

Do pets have to be shaved for ultrasounds?

In many instances, yes. This can allow better transmission of the ultrasound waves ensuring the clearest scans are taken.

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