Bloodwork for Pets

Collecting and analyzing samples of patients’ blood are routine parts of veterinary medicine. They help us track your pet’s development and monitor any ongoing conditions and/or treatments they may have. To learn more about our bloodwork services, please call us at 403-615-8016.

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How is bloodwork done on pets?

The process is similar to how it is conducted for humans. We use a needle to collect samples from the patient (most commonly on their forearm). It takes seconds to collect the blood and no sedation is needed. (We can, however, sedate pets who have a fear of needles or those with severe anxiety.) Then, we send the samples to our in-house lab. We can typically provide same-day results and analysis. But, if your pet has a more complex case, we may have to forward the sample to a third-party lab. In these cases, receiving results can take a few business days. 

Do pets have to be shaved before getting bloodwork done?

Sometimes. It depends on your pet’s fur type and the blood testing required. Most of the time, shaving is not required. 

How much is bloodwork for dogs and cats?

For our current rates, please call us at 403-615-8016.

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