Everything You Need To Know About Lumps and Bumps

While you are petting or bathing your precious pet, cat or dog, you notice a lump on their side, leg, or head!  You have never noticed this bump before!  Is it nothing?  Is it cancer?  What do you do? Most, if not all of us know somebody in our family or circle of friends who […]

🐾 Why Bob Barker spent 3 decades telling us to spay and neuter our pets 🐾

Have you ever wondered what exactly are the benefits and risks of spaying or neutering your pet? Whether you just bought a house so that your dog has a yard, or you’re a cat lady whose been told she should NOT buy one more cat, we all want what’s best for our pets! So, for […]

Are Our Puppy Dog Friends Prone to Diabetes?

By Dr. Jill Rankin There are three different types of diabetes in dogs, with Type I (insulin-dependent) being the most common. In this type of diabetes there is an insulin deficiency and the body relies on external insulin supplementation. There are a number of factors that play into a dog developing diabetes, which is one […]

Avoid Feeding Holiday Foods That Can Make Your Pet Seriously Sick

Part of the fun of the holidays is sharing it with our pets. The smells of our holiday foods can get our pets seriously salivating and treats left laying open on the counter or table may prove too tempting. It is possible to share some holiday foods with our pets, like unseasoned turkey, or plain […]