Pet Euthanasia at Home – What to Consider

Without a doubt, having your companion animal put to sleep is one of the toughest emotional decisions any pet owner can be faced with. We often see and treat our companion cats and dogs as members of the family and their loss is no different than losing a beloved friend or family member. Regardless of your pet’s age, the loss is always too soon.

Why choose home euthanasia?

We offer in-home euthanasia because allowing pets to pass peacefully at home, rather than in an unfamiliar and often, scary clinic environment is preferable in many cases. Also, traveling for a pet at the end of its life can also be difficult, particularly if they are in pain or immobile.

Allowing them to pass peacefully at home gives you the opportunity to say your final goodbyes where your pet has spent its happiest years. Home euthanasia allows for the entire family, including other pets, to be present and assists greatly with the grieving process for everyone. Tears can flow freely and the home environment allows for a safe place to respect and honor various personal and religious rituals.

Home euthanasia allows for a peaceful and pain free passing. Even though letting go is hard, it is a very compassionate act we can offer our cat or dog when they cannot sustain any further enjoyment of life as they once knew it.

How will my pet be euthanized?

We start with a consultation and assessment of your pet’s condition.

If euthanasia is determined to be the best course of action, your pet is given a sedative and pain relief. Next they are given a euthanasia injection, or barbiturate overdose intravenous to allow them to pass away peacefully.

You will be given all the time you need to say goodbye and mourn the loss of your pet before and after the procedure.

What happens after my pet is euthanized?

It is an emotional time after your pet is put to sleep so we also offer assistance with transportation to the crematorium and can return your pet’s remains to you. We know it is important for many people to have a keepsake or remembrance of their beloved pet so we carry specialized urns, memorial products, pendants and charms.

What is the cost of home euthanasia?

The cost of euthanasia varies from clinic to clinic, but we are unable to share our prices on our website, due to ABVMA regulations. We can email you our prices when you sign up for our pet registry.

You can also call us at 403-615-8016 to get more information about mobile euthanasia and the costs.

Do you offer in-clinic euthanasia?

Montgomery Village Vet Clinic does offer in-clinic euthanasia.

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